Fayette County deputies have been busy lately, responding to accidents involving slick roads, deer, and a stop sign.

The sheriff got a report of a vehicle in the ditch southwest of Oelwein Wednesday afternoon (April 18). A car driven by 23 year old Jonas Helmuth of Hazleton went out of control on "R" Avenue, sliding off the road. No one was injured, and damage was minimal.

Tuesday night, authorities received a report of suspicious activity in the 19,000 block of 40th Street near Oelwein. Responding deputies found a vehicle driven by 18 year old Brittany Lewin of Oelwein had struck a deer. No one was injured, and damage was estimated at $1500.

At about 8:30am Tuesday (April 17) an officer was called to an accident on Highway 150 near Fayette. A car driven by 62 year old William Jones was southbound, when a deer ran out onto the road. The two collided; no one was hurt, but there was $4,000 in damage to his 2010 Toyota Prius.

On Sunday (April 15) a deputy was on patrol when he found a vehicle in the ditch on Highway 150 near Fayette. The driver, 42 year old Anthony Morris, was driving south when he lost control. The 2010 Ford Expedition, owned by Upper Iowa University, entered a field driveway, and struck a grain bin on the property. Morris continued driving until his vehicle became stuck in the field. No one was injured, but the SUV was totaled. Morris is being cited for failure to maintain control.

Also on Sunday, On "K" Avenue and Highway 3 just north of Oelwein, a car driven by 26 year old Jordan Greco was southbound when he ran into a stop sign at the intersection. No one was hurt; there was $900 in damage. That accident remains under investigation.

Icy road conditions caused an accident Saturday south of Elgin. A car driven by 20 year old Jared Kerr of West Union, went out of control and into a ditch. No one was injured, but there was $2,000 in damage to the 2004 Chevy Malibu.

Saturday night, a Fayette County deputy found a car in the ditch on Canoe Road, south of Clermont. 56 year old Lisa Davis of Clermont lost control due to weather conditions and went into the ditch. She was not hurt, but her 2008 Chevy Impala had $1500 in damages.

And last Thursday, a Fayette County deputy who was out on patrol discovered a vehicle that struck a deer on Highway 3, north of Oelwein. 24 year old Brittney Berry of Oelwein hit a deer in the road. She and her passengers were not hurt, but there was $3500 damage to her 2015 GMC Acadia.

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