This week is National Farm Safety And Health Week, a week is designed to call attention to the dangers of farming, especially during harvest season.

According to Iowa State University Extension Agricultural Engineer and Safety Specialist Chuck Schwab, agriculture has roughly two-point-two deaths for every 100-thousand workers, which is a highest rate in the US, surpassing mining, construction, manufacturing and transportation. And age isn't always a factor.

Schwab says,

Agriculture doesn't have that cap where you get to 65 and you stop farming, and so we see a lot of older farmers out there. And what happens with older farmers you tend to have different reaction times, you have balance issues, hearing issues, sight, and so all these issues play a role in how you make good safe decisions.

He says it's important to be in top condition, and taking the break allows you to get away from the operation and make sure your mind is thinking clearly. Schwab says it's similar to athletes who keep themselves in shape, stay hydrated, and then rest when needed so they stay sharp and focused. Schwab says that helps prevent mistakes on the playing field and can do the same in the farm fields too.

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