Nashua-Plainfield alum and Wartburg student wins $100,000 scholarship, thanks to the Dr. Pepper Challenge at the Big Ten Championship game.

While many tuned in to the Ohio State/Northwestern Big Ten Championship game Saturday night, December 1st, residents in northeast Iowa tuned in to watch an area student win 1 of 4 scholarships thanks to Dr. Pepper

"I want to eliminate global food insecurity", that's what drove Caleb Lines to enter the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveway.  In his YouTube video, Lines stated "I first learned about the severity of global food insecurity as a World Food Prize Youth Delegate, which fueled my desire to find a solution."

Lines and three other finalists were at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana this past weekend, to take part in the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveway.  Each finalist created a YouTube video for the challenge, explaining how winning the tuition would change the student and how they would change the world.

Lines was raised on his family farm near Nashua, graduated from Nashua Plainfield and is currently enrolled in Agricultural studies focusing on BioChemistry and Leadership at Wartburg College in Waverly

During the halftime break of the Big Ten game, when Ohio State was leading 24-7 over Northwestern, Lines and another student, Taylor Miller of Chicago, took the field for the Dr. Pepper Challenge.  The student able to toss the most footballs into their selected Dr. Pepper Can in the allowed time wins a $100,000 scholarship, the runner-up claims a $25,000 scholarship.

As the buzzer sounded the score was 6-3 in favor of Lines.  Ohio State claimed the Big Ten title, 45-24, over Northwestern.

To find out more about the next challenge, click the Dr. Pepper Tuition Challenge and help another student impact the world.

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