Here is the weirdest story you will hear today. Well, I hope anyway. The city of Milwaukee, which is a lovely place to visit, by the way, could be suing two automakers for what I consider to be a very odd reason. See if you agree.

I guess this is one way to curb auto thefts

Milwaukee has had a ton of car thefts this year. As the year winds down, it looks like there will be 10,000 vehicle thefts, according to WISN. That means the city will have more auto thefts than Chicago. It's also double last year and triple 2019's total for thefts. So what is Milwaukee's big plan to curb these thefts? Simple: sue the two auto manufacturers that produce the top stolen vehicles, of course. They'd sue under public nuisance laws

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WISN says the city is considering going after both Kia and Hyundai because their vehicles are the most stolen. The report says the automaker's cars account for two-thirds of the thefts. They also say most of the car thieves are 16-years of age or younger.

Photo by on Unsplash
Photo by on Unsplash

The thefts of Kai and Hyundai vehicles are so well known that the companies now offer free steering wheel locks to customers. If you think this is a bit bonkers, suing the car companies because their cars are being targeted by the thieves, then you'll love this, too. Kia and Hyundai owners filed a class-action lawsuit this summer in Milwaukee federal court blaming the automakers for the rash of car thefts.

Do you think suing the vehicle manufacturers is the logical thing to do? We'll find out next year if Milwaukee goes through with its lawsuit.

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