There's a house that's gone viral in Milwaukee that's very unique, to say the least. In fact, it's quite "potty", which happens to be a fitting synonym for "crazy" in the UK.

It does have a couple of solo "johns", but the standout feature is the bathroom with FOUR TOILETS (and four sinks)!

That's correct, no dividers between them either. I have no idea why you'd want a single bathroom with four toilets but I guess if you believe a family who poops together, stays together, this house is for you! Officially, it has 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen (because I guess you need one of those, too, I don't know) and a 2.5 space garage.

3,913 square feet.

Take a look at a few of the "amenities" below.

Midwest House Has 4 Toilets in One Bathroom

A Milwaukee home built in 1851 apparently housed a family who did literally EVERYTHING together

If the 4-toilet bathroom doesn't grab your attention, there's a bit of history to the home in that it was the first one built on its street, Hawthorne Ave. in Milwaukee. Zillow has the listing and unfortunately, someone already bought it for $450,000 (well, poo!). Maybe when they get tired of all the "togetherness" we can revisit the idea of buying this.

OK, I know you're curious. What gives with the four toilets in one bathroom? The house was once donated to the Girl Scouts of America who added it for their "communal" use. Again, it's sold, but the previous owners reportedly once planned to use it as an Airbnb until they sold it. (What might have been...)

Whether the next owners gut the 4-toilet bathroom or leave it as is, remains to be seen (and smelt?)

I guess the Milwaukee house with four toilets in one bathroom is great if, say, you're throwing a big party, but for a more authentic experience in that realm, you might just stick with this, equally impractical midwest house equipped with its own nightclub.

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