College dorms can become a very crazy place and a prank at a Wisconsin dorm room went so bad a couple of students were injured and one was arrested.

The College Dorm Experience In Wisconsin

I remember living in the dorms during my freshman year of college. It was a punch of kids living away from home for the first, so things could get a little crazy at times, especially when it came to pranks. Someone was always trying to pull one off. You had to keep alert at all times otherwise you would become the victim of a practical joke.

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One thing I remember happening was students lighting fireworks in their dorm room and the hallway. We would have bottle rocket wars. I think about it now and wonder what the heck we were doing. The funny thing was we never got in trouble for it.

Dorm Room
Fireworks Set Off In WI College Dorm Room

Prank In Wisconsin College Dorm Room Goes Wrong

This incident happened recently at Marquette University's Wells Tower residence hall in Milwaukee. It sounds like the residents were trying to let off some steam after working hard all semester. Of course, someone tried to pull off a prank that went wrong.

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One of the students for a prank thought it would be a great idea to light off some fireworks at the dorm inside one of the bedrooms. Well, it didn't go as planned. The whole plan backfired on the resident. Two people were injured and a third was sent to a local hospital. There was damage done to the room. Plus, the prankster got arrested.

According to channel3000,

One student was injured and another student was taken into custody after a firework was set off in a Marquette University residence hall on Friday, administrators said.


In a message on the school's website, university officials said that the Marquette University Police Department responded to the Wells Tower residence hall early Friday afternoon after students set off a commercial firework in a room.

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