An Eastern Iowa man has been taken into custody for allegedly neglecting numerous cattle, letting them die.

The case began on February 11th, when the Linn County Sheriff received a complaint that Angus beef cattle were being neglected on a farm on Linn Ridge Road, in rural Lisbon.

Responding deputies found a number of cattle dead on the property. A veterinarian from the Iowa Department of Agriculture determined that the animals did not have food and shelter, and were not receiving proper care.

The owner was given a chance to properly take care of the rest of his herd, however when authorities re-checked the property several days later, they found more dead cattle.

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On February 15th, the Linn County Sheriff executed a search warrant, and successfully rescued 18 head of cattle from the property.

The owner of the animals, identified as 43 year old Brian Greazel of Mt. Vernon, was arrested yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, Feb. 24). The arrest warrant is charging him with Livestock Neglect Resulting in Death. Greazel was not living at the property where the cattle were located.

The remaining Angus cattle were taken to a safe location. The Linn County Sheriff was assisted by the Iowa Farm Animal Care Organization, the Iowa Beef Industry, and the Iowa Cattleman's Association.

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