After 15 years of traveling, events, and building a legacy, the Midwest’s infamous two-nosed cow has passed away.

Lucy the cow was born on a Wisconsin farm but there was something different about her. At first, Lucy’s owner Mark Krombholz thought Lucy had been kicked in the face but later found out she had two noses.

Back in May, Lucy celebrated her 15th birthday. In that time, Lucy has had 10 calves—none of these having a second nose. The latest of her calves was born a month ago. The vet told Krombholz that Lucy has the two noses because she was going to be a twin, but the egg never fully split.

Lucy has brought a lot of attention to the farm. From farm magazines to radio stations to TV stations across the country. Lucy was even mentioned by Jay Leno when he was on “The Tonight Show”. Even news sources in other countries like Russia and China picked up the story.

Unfortunately, last Tuesday, September 27th, Wisconsin and the Krombholz family had to say goodbye to Lucy.

Lucy’s family shared the news on Lucy’s Facebook page last week.

She put smiles on everyone's faces wherever she went. She was quite the diva, even loved getting into gardens and helping herself to corn.


Her legacy will live on through all the people that she has known or met, she still has several children in the herd including Lindsey and Lucille.

For the last ten years, people have been able to follow Lucy on her adventures on her Facebook page.

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