When Will Iowa's First Fall Frost Hit?

The heat wave that's been suffocating us this summer, it makes you kind of want sweater weather, right?

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Sweater Weather Even Chillier Than Usual

Iowa is anticipated to have a chillier fall than usual.

According to the Farmers' Almanac, our Midwestern neighbors to the east will be hit with a "great chill" this Autumn. However, the majority of Iowa will be in a slightly better way.

Officials predict that Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and a few other Midwestern states to our west will experience fall weather that is "trending colder, above normal precipitation."

October is anticipated to be the time when the weather will start to take a turn. The first fall frost is anticipated to be in early October.


Eastern Iowa Predictions

The Waterloo municipal region is supposed to get hit with its first frost on October 4th, according to the Farmers' Almanac. Cedar Rapids residents will supposedly get their first fall frost several days later on October 7th.

Dubuque will be getting a delayed first frost, with officials predicting the cold to sweep through to this region on October 16th.

Reports claim that November and December will feature "cold and unsettled conditions" all across the nation.

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