A local law enforcement agency has just learned that it will be getting a national award.

The Oelwein Police Department has received notice that it will receive the 2017 Leaders in Community Policing Award.

This recognition is awarded to just one department, nationally, in a community of less than 20,000 residents.   The Oelwein Police department was selected by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and Cisco Systems.

The award recognizes law enforcement organizations that use collaboration and partnership to make local, national, and global communities, safer from crime.


Oelwein Police Chief Jeremy Logan notes one of the reasons they are getting this recognition, is their community engagement program entitled "One", in which they believe "one gesture, one action, one effort, one person, one team and one community can make a difference".

The Oelwein Police Department will officially be receiving this national award sometime in October.

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