Memorial Day weekend is this weekend and as many know it is a time to honor and remember those who have fought for our country's freedom and gave their lives for it. On a normal year, maybe you would go to put flowers at a fallen soldiers grave or maybe there is a hometown memorial service to honor the fallen however, this is not possible during the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing rules. So the question becomes how do you still honor the fallen with social distancing guidelines in place?

Well, PRWEB has come up with ways that you can still remember and honor the fallen during this Memorial Day while practicing social distancing guidelines. I have also come up with an way to honor them as well and put them in a list for you below. The fallen will not be forgotten just remembered in a different way this Memorial Day.

1. Fly your U.S. flag to honor the fallen and active military. You actually can follow the tradition of flying your flag at half-staff from sunrise to noon to honor the fallen and then raise it at noon until sunset to honor all the living veterans. If you don't have a flag pole, you can put your flag in your window to show your support.

2. Did you know there is a National Moment of Remembrance? At 3:00 pm your own time, everyone is asked to participate in a National Moment of Remembrance for one minute to honor the fallen.

3.  Thank a veteran or show your support of remembering the fallen with sidewalk art or window art to remind everyone who passes that the fallen are not forgotten.

4. Send flowers to a grave, send cards to a fallen soldiers family or share a virtual message of thank you on social media to provide support for the fallen.

There are a few more ways to honor the fallen this memorial day and you can find them here.

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