I will just say it: Die Hard 2 sucked. It was bad. Die Hard = a true classic. Die Hard with a Vengeance (#3) was amazing... The fourth one, I don't even remember. Did they make more? Eh. Why am I rattling out my opinion of Die Hard 2? Because apparently in Iowa, watching the lesser-than sequel is a Thanksgiving tradition for Iowans.

Didn't know? Here's how I do, the website Zippia checked into all 50 states most embarrassing Google searches for turkey day. Wouldn't you know it, 'Die Hard 2' is Iowa's most searched thing. Why? It's not a Thanksgiving movie, per say. It takes place on Christmas Eve so, like the first Die Hard, you could argue it's a Christmas movie, if anything.

Whatever the reason Iowa folk have gravitated towards the Die Hard sequel, I certainly will not judge too loudly. I'm sure there's lots of crappy movies I enjoy, too. But it's Thanksgiving, you should be watching something that you're thankful for. Ya know, like football... Just a thought.

As for our neighbors, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota both had turkey related searches for Thanksgiving, which is logical. North Dakota's was 'Taco Bell near me' and Nebraskans were looking up funny knock knock jokes. Spoiler, they're all better than Die Hard 2.

See a map of all 50 states most embarrassing Google searches here.

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