Happy Valentine's Day!

Because today is a day all about love, we thought it would be fun to celebrate with a little giveaway! For the Valentine's Day holiday, we asked Iowans to share their "how we met" stories. There are stories of couples meeting online, at work, at bars, when they were kids, and even some set-up stories! Here are a few of our favorites:

Iowans Share Their 'How We Met' Stories for Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, we asked Iowans to share the stories of how they met their significant others! Here are some of our favorites!

Since I'm currently single, I don't really have a fun "how we met" story to share, but Brain and his wife have a good one! He and Holly met in a photography class at Kirkwood in the darkroom. He lied and tried to impress her by saying that he had a tattoo hidden on his body. It's a weird line, but it must've worked, because they've been married since 1999.

If you don't have a human valentine this year, you can always celebrate with a pet! According to a new survey from SWNS, 56% of pet owners are doing something special for their cat or dog this year. The top three ways pet owners will spoil their pets include  treats, extra belly rubs and ear scratches, and a new toy. Tater got a new Valentine's Day toy a couple of weeks ago that he's already totally destroyed, so I'll probably just give him his "special" treat today (it's a Kong filled with frozen peanut butter... he loves it!). I can't say no to his little snaggletoof face:


Send us a photo of your valentine and tell us how you met in the comments below!

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