It happens to the best of us!

Last week, country singer Luke Bryan's 11-year-old son got stuck in a toddler swing. His mom Caroline managed to capture the incident on video and post in on social media for all to see. This got us thinking... what else have people been stuck in? Whether it's a limb, your head, or your whole body, we asked listeners to share their funniest "I got stuck" stories. Here are some of our favorites:

Dale Felton

"I was at a hotel pool and after a few cocktails I told the group that I was going to dive through the white life ring like I used to do as a kid with inner tubes.

Long story short, that didn't work out well for me and I was floating upside down like a bobber. After paddling my way upright, I tried everything including soap, the hot tub, and flat out trying to rip it off of me. Thankfully this hotel had a kitchen and we were able to get a knife and carefully cut it off.

Never doing that again!"

June Hammel

"I bought my mom a signed Emmitt Smith Cowboy helmet for Christmas. My husband just had to try it on, and when he went to take it off it was stuck. It took us almost half an hour to get it off. He couldn't damage it because it cost over $300."

Mallory Campbell-Daily

"I was huge and probably 36ish weeks pregnant with my first. I was home alone and decided to sit down on the floor in front of the baby's closet and start sorting clothes and baby shower gifts. I was at the edge of the closet, basically surrounded by boxes and piles of clothes, and apparently got tired and had the bright idea just to lay down on my back. Well, I was too big to sit myself up with nothing to hold on to, and I had no space to turn or roll, so I stayed that was for about an hour and a half until my husband got home. Think of a turtle on its shell... that was me!"

Amanda Cahill

"I got stuck in my mom's pool. The ladder was the long thin ones to get up and out. I am scared to death of heights and falling, so I could not get out. My brother would not come help me. I had to call my best friend to come get me out. She made me stay in and swim with her before she would help me out. I was in the pool for probably 6 hours that day!"

Emily Murray

"I got stuck in the block pit at AirFX. I jumped in and ended up with my head lower than my feet and I couldn’t get myself out."

Kylie Kelchen

"I got my head stuck in a car window when I was a kid. I stuck my head out of the window and hit the button with my knee and the window went up, trapping my head out the window. I couldn't reach the button with my hand, nor was I coordinated enough to get my knee to hit the button again for it to go down. It seemed like forever until my mom came back out to rescue me!"

Taylor Wheeler

"I was going down a water slide at Wisconsin Dells and I got to the top of a loopty-loop, and instead of going down the right slide of the loop, I went backwards and got stuck at the bottom. There wasn’t enough momentum to get me around the loop."

Heidi Maiefski

"I went into a store to look around and my husband and toddler stayed in the car. Our toddler found a penny and, unbeknownst to my husband, put the penny in the passenger seatbelt buckle. When I got in and buckled and went to the next stop, I couldn’t get out because the penny had jammed the lock. I had to fully recline the seat to shimmy out into the back seat."

Joyce GIllaspie Thompson

"In elementary school, I put my lips on the metal playground equipment in the winter. Everyone was going in after recess and I was stuck. I finally ripped my lips off, and needless to say, my lips bled for a while."

Deanna Lin

"In a dressing room at a sporting goods store, I was trying on sports bras to work out in. One was too small. It went on just fine, but for the life of me, I couldn't get it off. I had to have assistance... yes, assistance getting out of a SPORTS BRA. As embarrassing as it was then, it's funny now, years later. And I'm grateful that at the time I was at least in shape!"

Do you have a funny story about a time you got stuck? Share it with us in the comments!

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