The carbon pipeline has been a hot topic for lawmakers, farmers, and landowners in Iowa. Landowners pushed lawmakers to take action as they feared they would be left with no choice in the matter of what happens to their land.

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Back in March, an amendment passed through the house that would block pipeline companies from using eminent domain until March 1, 2023. Lawmakers said that pushing the issue off for a year, gives developers the time to discuss offers with landowners.

But now that the session has concluded, some are wondering what happened to this effort? Democrat Representative Bruce Hunter says this was all part of a “shell” game lawmakers played with Iowans.

We didn't do anything for the farmers on this pipeline issue. Look what we've done: beat our chest and then con 'em.

Republican Representative Bobby Kaufmann was a major proponent in the push for legislative action when it came to blocking pipeline companies from gaining access to land via eminent domain. He said that just threatening a moratorium got pipeline companies to assure him they were not going to seek eminent domain authority until next March.

We sent a message that we're willing to act if property rights are attempted to be infringed on.

Even state utility regulators say they won’t be reviewing eminent domain requests for pipelines until the 2023 legislative session convenes.

In the meantime, Summit Solutions will continue to advocate for the pipeline. Right now, they are addressing some of the big worries that landowners and neighbors have through a new radio ad campaign that highlights how the company’s pipeline will open new opportunities for ethanol producers and help farmers across the Midwest.

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