Landowners are pushing back against carbon pipelines and it’s been getting the attention of the pipeline companies . Last week another pipeline company pushed back and has taken the matter to court.

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In August, Navigator CO2 Ventures sued four sets of landowners to gain access to their properties in order to survey it. The company had petitions filed for injunctive relief, stating landowners repeatedly refused to grant access to their land and threatened land agents.

Summit Carbon Solutions is the next company trying to build a pipeline through Iowa that has turned to the courts for help.

The pipelines are suing the families saying state laws allow for surveys for hazardous liquid pipeline companies who have held informational meetings and sent landowners written notice.

These land surveys help determine the path and depth of the pipeline.

According to Iowa Capital Dispatch, Summit wrote landowners in Dickerson, Hardin, and Kossuth counties twice via mail in March and July. The company alleges that the family refused access to their properties.

So far, only one court hearing for Summit’s injunction requests has been set. Kent Kasischke in Hardin County’s hearing will be held on October 24th.

Daniel L. Wahl Family Trust in Dickinson County and the Dirk L. Hoover Farm Trust in Kossuth County have not yet set their hearing dates.

The pipelines are on a time crunch to get these land surveys done before the ground freezes. When surveying the land, agents must be able to bore the land which will be hindered if the land is frozen.

Most of Iowa experiences its first freeze in mid-October.

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