I guess today, January 20, is National Cheese Lover's Day (that's gouda news for all of cheese fans). Naturally, that means someone took some data, plugged in some number somewhere and figured out what each state's favorite cheese is. Actually, to be exact, the people at Zippia used Google Trends and examined just under 20 popular kinds of cheese. The results?

Iowa's favorite cheese is... VELVEETA. Which is actually not a real cheese. Just saying.

Outside of Iowa, Queso Blanco appears to be top dog as it's enjoyed by 8 different states, which is more than the other cheeses in the study.  Cream cheese is next with six states picking it. Swiss cheese took top prize in four states and our choice, Velveeta, was #1 in four states. Brie, Cotija and American also scored some top spots in the study.

See a map of what cheese each state calls its favorite is here.

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