So have you been up late at night pondering: Do I actually have to live here in ol' Iowa to get the COVID-19 vaccine somewhere in the Hawkeye State? If so... you need a hobby, friend. But, I do have your answer and it may surprise you.

In short, the answer is yes you can. In fact, this came up as a question to KCRG and they got to the bottom of it. Digging into the answer deeper, here in Iowa, the state health department is strongly suggesting everyone get the vax no matter where they live. According to the article, so far around 7,000 folks who no not reside in Iowa have received doses allocated to the state. Interesting, but good in the end that people are getting it. And yes, those who have received the vaccine in Iowa despite not being permanent residents are all either employees at long-term care facilities or health care workers.



It's also worth noting, we have a lot of snowbirds here who may technically have a permanent residents in a different state like, Florida or Arizona. Now you know, they can still be vaccinated in Iowa. Even though it may be a bit chillier.

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