COVID-19 has proven to be a worrisome and legit summer-fun foe for us. Despite much of Iowa reopening, even with limitations, there's no saying you're even safe in your own backyard here in Iowa. Of course, I'm not talking about catching the coronavirus in that case. I'm talking about getting eaten alive by the state bird of Iowa... the mosquito.

According to a new study from Thermacell bug spray, published by PR Newswire, the blood-sucking buggers are drawn to stress. Bloody stress. Ew. The study shows that mosquitoes could be drawn to the hormones that come out in human sweat when you are feeling stressed out.

To make matters worse, mosquitoes also are drawn to several other summer themed joys:

  • Exercise as it raises your body temperature, and makes you produce more carbon dioxide and lactic acid, which mosquitoes love. They also like pregnant women, because their temperature is higher, and they produce more CO2.
  • You haven't showered in a while. They are attracted to a specific type of bacteria.  And we tend to have more bacteria near our ankles and feet.  So that might be why they target that area a lot.
  • Darker clothing.Reds, blacks, and blues attract more mosquitoes than lighter colors like white and yellow or a lighter green.So this 4th of July, stick to the white in red, white and blue!
  • Alcohol. It dilates the blood vessels in your skin, making it a little warmer for a while. Plus, they're attracted to the ethanol that comes out in your sweat. I wonder if they get a buzz off it. BUZZ... get it? Ok I'll go now.
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