After almost 9 months and a few failed worker contracts, the strike at CNHI has finally ended.

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UAW members at the Case I-H/ New Holland Industrial in Burlington and Racine, Wisconsin have been on strike since May 2, 2022. Earlier this month, CNHI presented a final offer to the union saying it was an “upgraded last, best, and final offer”.

However, after a vote, the union workers at the Case I-H/New Holland plant in Burlington and Racine rejected the company's offer.

Over the weekend, the workers at the two plants ratified a new worker contract. This new offer was an “improved last, best, and final offer” that provided wage increases, shift premium increases, classification upgrades, and other improvements.

In a release from the UAW, UAW President Ray Curry applauds the work done by the striking workers towards the negotiation.

This agreement reflects the effort of a determined bargaining team and members being on an almost nine-month strike.

Vice President Chuck Browning, Director of the Agricultural Implement Department adds

 Our negotiators tenaciously bargained to the very end, even fighting for contract improvements in the face of threats from CNHI to hire permanent strike replacements. Combined with the incredible support from our members, it’s remarkable what had to be endured to achieve this contract.

The UAW has not disclosed any details on the vote

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