It seems like lately when we talk about turkeys, it’s been negative; we saw price increases around the holidays, live bird lockdowns, and saw headline after headline talking about bird flu in Iowa turkey flocks.

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While it is common to see a group of turkeys strolling through the woods or even a field, it's not so common to see them do what a group in Iowa did.

A video shared on Facebook shows a flock of turkeys slipping and sliding as they try to cross a frozen pond in Iowa. As you watch the birds try to glide across the frozen pond gracefully (the key word there is trying), it’s not too far-fetched to say they were pretty comfortable walking across the frozen pond.

The video was shared by Drury Outdoors, a hunting media brand founded by the brother's Mark and Terry Drury.

So, let's add this to the turkey’s list of athletic abilities.

Unlike domesticated turkeys, wild birds can fly short distances at 40 to 50 miles per hour. They are even able to run 12 MPH and are adept swimmers.

So, between, running flying, and swimming, right there they can compete in their turkey triathlon. Now, add ice skating into the mix, they can enter the winter games if they wanted to.

All jokes aside, while they possess the ability to swim, they do not do it often. An article in National Geographic explains that “almost every species of land-bird is capable of swimming”  especially on occasions when they fall into the water.

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