Ahh, November in Iowa: The leaves are about done falling after they've long changed. The weather is... all over the place The holiday season is officially here! That means, even in a strange year, good food! Whether your get together this year will be smaller, or just the same, you will have this side dish because you're from Iowa. That side dish?


The website Zippia came out with a list of every state's favorite side dish to accompany our turkey feasts this year, and that was the Iowa selection. Not creamed corn like Nebraska, just... corn. And we were the only state to simply have corn as our favorite side. Now, is that fair? Is Iowa's love of corn a stereotype? I mean after all, we produce lots of FIELD corn here in Iowa. We create a lot of ethanol. We aren't necessarily know for sweet corn. But alas, I myself love sweet corn so, I'm all about it. And when it comes to what Iowa is really known for producing, that would be pork. You can't exactly call any pork product a Thanksgiving side, can you? Maybe some bacon the next morning for breakfast. Oh, but throw some corn on the side there, too. It's only fitting since this is Iowa.

What side dish are you most excited about chowing down on this holiday season? By the way, you can see what every state's favorite Thanksgiving side dish is here.

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