Electric scooters have been a talking point for many for a few years now. They are scooters one can rent in cities and towns. Some people love them, other people hate them. Most people don't care or are impartial to them. I've ridden one once and it was fun, but nothing too crazy. The only funny part was when my sister fell off her scooter.

It seems as though some people hate them with a passion. People have thrown e-scooters into bodies of water all over the world, and now it's happening in Iowa.

According to KCRG, a teen was arrested Thursday after a snapchat video showed this individual throwing an e-scooter off of a bridge in downtown Cedar Rapids. That scooter would end up in the Cedar River.

This teen is now facing a criminal mischief charge, but this teen is not the only one damaging these scooters.

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Some reports say that the e-scooter company, Veo,  pulls out about 6 scooters from the river a week. The company is now looking for ways to incentivize those who ride the scooters to treat them with respect, and to not cause damage to them.

E-scooters will also have die hard fans who love how easy they are to rent, and use for a fun weekend with friends and family. There will also be those who point out the flaws and dangers in these products. Both have great points, and only time will tell if these scooters get bigger, or all end up in the river.

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