I am a Minnesotan, my friend. Born and raised, I came to Iowa to work in radio in the mid-2000s. Left again for Minnesota, then returned in 2018. When I came the first time I was familiar with the stereotypes as I actually believed some myself. Hard not to when you don't really know any better, right?

Fast forward, I spent a decent amount of time in ol' Minnesota this past weekend and week. I went out a lot and talked to a good number of people. I learned a lot about what they think of folks from the Hawkeye state.

Maybe people should try coming to Iowa

It's funny that there are these stereotypes are largely from people who have never even been to Iowa. I get a couple of them, which you'll see all 10 below, but most are just silly and nonlogical. I get that we don't have as many lakes as Minnesota or any prop sports teams, but people from Minnesota do know we house three of their minor league teams, right? Also, some are fairly confrontational. Have we lost sight that the real enemy here in Wisconsin? I'm kidding of course.

Let's dive into the 10 most common stereotypes about Iowa and Iowans that I heard this past week when I went to visit my home state. Just as an FYI, I spent most of my time in or aournd the Mall of America, which is in Bloomington, near both Minneapolis and St. Paul. I was holiday shopping and identified myself as a tourist from Iowa. Many folks were kind or simply said "welcome" so this is NOT representative of the state as a whole, simply *some* people.

Top 10 Iowa Stereotypes I Heard in Minnesota

I am a Minnesotan. I love my home state though, I nearly forgot until I went back for four days recently just what everyone thinks of Iowa and Iowans. I have a list of those 10 stereotypes I heard a whole bunch during my visit.

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