The Iowa Legislature recently passed a bill that would put a limit on some damages associated with what it calls “nuisance” livestock lawsuits. Republican Representative Chip Baltimore is the bill’s floor manager, who says Senate File 447 would limit the amount of risk that comes with running a farm and livestock operation for those who are consistently good farmers.

The limits on lawsuits would put a cap on some damages. However, those limits don’t apply to consistent offenders or farms that violate environmental regulations. Baltimore says, “This is an agricultural state. We want to foster a healthy agricultural environment so our kids and grandkids can come back and continue the legacy of agriculture. That’s what this bill does.” However, Democrats in the Iowa Legislature are worried that the legislation would protect factory farms while limiting Iowa homeowners ability to receive fair compensation. The bill was approved 60 to 39 and now heads to Governor Terry Branstad.

Source;  NAFB news


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