There are going to be many unknown side effects to the pandemic of 2020. Think about all the time that we were forced to stay home. Can't work. Can't go out to eat. Theaters are closed. What are couples supposed to do to pass the time? Ahem...why yes...I suppose you could do quite a bit of that, couldn't you? And in just nine months time we'll know exactly just how many people did! There is a baby boom brewing in Iowa, and doctors say it's just the beginning.

Dr. Perry Osborn is an OBGYN at the Iowa Clinic in Des Moines. KCRG reports that Osborn believes that births here in Iowa this summer will be 10 to 20 percent higher than average. And that is no small feat. Osborn pointed out that nationwide, birth rates have been declining over the past five years or so. Dr. Osborn said that couple were hesitant at first during the pandemic to start a family. But, by mid summer, many couples were putting their fears aside.

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KCRG reports that Dr. Osborn said that deliveries in the Cedar Rapids metro area were on the lighter side during the months of December through February. But he reports that the numbers have gone up since the end of March, and looks like it will continue to go up through August and September.

Dr. Osborn stated that mothers are feeling a lot better about giving birth now, compared to just a few months ago. He says the widespread availability of vaccines has made many mothers feel more comfortable about their little pandemic baby.


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