Did a simple mistake help an eastern Iowa man win a million bucks? He thinks so.

Meet Josh Buster of West Burlington, Iowa. As you can see from that giant check in his hands, Josh was the person that held the Mega Millions ticket I told you about yesterday. The one worth $1 million.

Buster bought the ticket for last Friday's Mega Millions drawing at the MK Mini Mart on E. Mount Pleasant in West Burlington. When he bought the ticket that ended up being the winner, he told the clerk he wanted five Mega Millions easy-pick plays. The clerk accidentally only printed one and asked Buster if he could print the other four on a different ticket. Buster said 'sure' and is convinced that helped him win. He told the Iowa Lottery,

I feel like that changed the numbers that I would have gotten if he had put them all on one instead of making that mistake.

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When did Buster realize he was a millionaire? Not until Saturday morning. Buster, who's 40 and works as a prep chef at a restaurant in Burlington, got up to go to work. He scanned his tickets in his vehicle before heading to his job. Once he realized what he had in his hands he "freaked out and ran back inside... the rest of the day, I'm just waiting to wake up from a dream."

It was no dream. Buster cashed in his $1 million ticket on Monday at the Iowa Lottery headquarters in Clive. He is the 3rd Mega Millions-made millionaire in Iowa this year. Karla and Keith Elenz of New Hampton won $2 million in Mega Millions back in January.

What will Buster do with his winnings? He says he'll pay off the mortgage on his mom's home, pay off his own car loan, and put the rest toward his retirement.

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