Sam Moss may live in the city of Chicago but she is still an Iowa girl at heart. And her hometown of Winterset, Iowa was devastated this spring by multiple tornadoes. When we interview Sam about her American Idol journey, she talked about how she was aware of what had happened in her hometown. Now the singer/songwriter has reached out and helped someone who lost nearly everything during those storms.

March 5th was the day that changed Judy Clark's life forever. It was the day that tornadoes swept away everything she loved. Local 5 reports that as the twister approached, Judy yelled for her husband Rod who was working in the garage. They ran into the house and jumped into their bathtub, with Rod laying on top of Judy to protect her. Judy says she remembers flying through the air, landing, and removing the debris. She then looked to her left and found her husband next to her, deceased.

When Winterset native Sam Moss heard Judy Clark's story, she did what artists do. She wrote a song, even though she'd never even met the Clark family. Moss told Local 5,

When I meet with people to write a song, I try to infuse like their point of view and their personality into the the face of tragedy and losing her other half, she was still able to talk with so much gratitude...

What was Judy's reaction to hearing the song that Moss wrote? She told Local 5, "She nailed it...I wish everybody has a chance in their lifetime to have a love like that".

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