Cedar Rapids has the historic firehouse for rent that you know about very well by now. It's in the historic NewBo district and surrounded by some of the best restaurants, bars, and attractions in town. It's also a snack lover's dream being attached to the Almost Famous Popcorn Shop! You'll get to revisit the gallery of photos from that loft at the end of this story, but now we're heading just to our west.

Food is the featured image because, let's face it when you think of spring or summer road trips I am sure the first place that comes to mind is NOT Lincoln, Nebraska.  But for folks visiting on business, seeing family or kids transitioning into Lincoln life as they start college there, the Airbnb route serves as a much better alternative than a hotel or dorm. Especially when there's ICE CREAM and CUPCAKES involved!

Make sure you're not on a diet if you're staying here because this "Ice Cream Loft" is an apartment above one of the city's best creameries. An ice cream parlor and sweet shop right below your rental space. It's indeed quite a small space, with only one bedroom and bath, room for 2 guests but it's great because it sits in a hopping part of town, near some of the hottest restaurants and bars. And did we mention ice cream?

The Ice Cream Loft and its super host, Maria, have a perfect 5-star rating and you'll soon see why.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at the Lincoln Ice Cream Loft

Meanwhile, Cedar Rapids is home to this authentic 1916 Firehouse Airbnb that was once home to the Hose Co. #4 firefighters. Below the apartment is a popcorn shop. Staying in a spot once occupied by heroes that also sells popcorn? Count us in!

Cedar Rapids 1916 Authentic Bohemian Firehouse Airbnb

Photos of original 1916 Authentic Firehouse in NewBo


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