Iowa you have a lot of great things about you... corn, john deere, Iowa "nice"... however, your taste in pizza is not one of the great things in my opinion. In fact, I don't understand how you like this so much.

Here is why I question your taste in pizza. The site Zippia came out with a list of the most pizza loving states and their favorite pizzas. As you would guess, over half of the states chose classic cheese pizza as their favorite with BBQ chicken and Hawaiian following that up. However Iowa did not join the masses when choosing their favorite pizza, in fact Iowa is the only one to choose Taco pizza as their favorite.... Really?

You see when I first saw this I thought their could be no way that Taco pizza was really Iowa's favorite, I had a little more faith in Iowa to pick a better pizza as your favorite, so I decided to poll our audience on Facebook. I asked you all if Iowa's favorite pizza really was Taco pizza and the results.... YES. Many you all said you love the Taco pizza from Casey's or the OP.

I really am confounded, Iowa. I had way more trust in your taste but was sadly disappointed. I don't understand how that is you all's favorite pizza? I hate tacos and taco pizza does not sound like it should be combined. So maybe I am really off on this but can someone please break it down for me as to why this is Iowa's favorite? I would appreciate it.

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