Residents of Shueyville will be happy to hear that a new pizza place is moving in! Shuey's Pie is preparing to open early next year.

Shuey's Pie will be moving into the building at 1202 Curtis Bridge Rd NE, just down the street from Shuey's Restaurant & Lounge. The building was formerly home to Maddi B's, which closed right around the same time that Shuey's Restaurant was reopening. The owners of Shuey's Restaurant decided to get in touch with the owners of Maddi B's and take over the space.

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Google Maps

For fans of Maddi B's, there is some good news! Shuey's Pie will be offering some of the customer favorites from Maddi B's, as well as some new specialty pizzas of their own. They have not yet posted the new menu.

Shuey's Pie will initially just be open for takeout, but they hope to eventually offer delivery in the area. And speaking of delivery, customers at Shuey's Restaurant will be able to order pizza from Shuey's Pie and have it brought right to them at the restaurant!

Shuey's Pie is planning to open after the first of the year. The latest update from Shuey's Restaurant says to "be on the lookout for another Facebook page and updates in the next few days!" We will be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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