A Sioux County sheriff’s deputy has been terminated from his job after an incident in the northwester Iowa city of Boyden. The Sioux Country Sheriff's website states Sergeant Nathan Kelderman was fired for putting witnesses, neighbors and responding officers in a 'bad position' . He did so by attempting to make an arrest while he was off duty. The report indicates Kelderman was wearing a t-shirt and tennis shoes, and attempted to make the arrest without any way of communicating with the department.

The incident occured on Saturday, March 20. That evening, Kelderman was at his home in Boyden. He saw someone who lived near him drive by on a motorcycle who he believed did not have a drivers license. He then ran after the motorcycle, and followed the individual into a garage as the door was closing. This caused the door to open back up. At that time, Kelderman and the suspect fought in the garage, then out in the driveway.

During the fight, a neighbor phoned police, while that neighbor’s son tried to break up the fight. A number of deputies arrived to arrest the suspect. After the scuffle, three residents called the sheriff’s office to complain about what happened. Kelderman was fired this week after a full review of the incident.

The motorcycle driver was identified as Nicholas Te Slaa. Te Slaa was ultimately arrested and charged with several criminal offenses. There's no word on charges against Kelderman.

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