Dogs and delivery workers. A relationship that is not always the most positive. We often hope our dogs will double as guard dogs, which isn’t the best if you’re a delivery worker.

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But recently, one Iowa UPS driver is reshaping the delivery worker-dog relationship after saving a customer’s two dogs from drowning.

According to an article in KCCI, Collin Mitchell was dropping off a package at the Marra home in Ireton, Iowa when he saw two dogs swimming in a nearby pool. These dogs were alone- no one was around the pool watching them.

Mitchell then yelled “can your dogs swim” towards the house, which the Ring doorbell caught on camera. As he continued to knock on the door, he realized no one was home.

Mitchell recounts the story in the KCCI article,

I took a step back and knocked a little louder, rang the doorbell... nothing... and then I decided it was best to investigate slightly. As I approached the pool, I could see a dog hanging on the side, inside the pool and I could see a dog swimming around on the solar cover... the water blanket, basically.

Mitchel then ran into the pool to save the dogs.

There were two dogs in the pool, Groot, who is a smaller dog, and Remington who is a bigger dog weighing in at 90 pounds.

An article in Local 12 says that the next day Mitchel stopped back by the house to check on the two dogs.

Thanks to Mitchell, the dogs are at home doing well.

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