In 2020, Cedar Rapids experianced a derecho. Coincidently, that day Iowan learned what a "derecho" was. In 2021, particularly in the summer of 2021, we've seen crazy weather, too. Extreme droughts statewide that overnight switched to severe flooding. Now, we can't complain as Lousiana and Mississippi deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. That said, call it climate change, call it a crisis or simply call it normal, more and more Iowans now feel extreme weather is here to stay.

Iowans now think this is the "new normal"

Lately the term, "new normal", has more been aimed at the whole COVID pandemic. That said, in the case of extreme weather, Iowans feel it applies. A new study from Smith's finds that almost 2 in 3, or 63%, of Iowa residents, say that extreme weather conditions, like droughts, severe storms with high winds, and wildfires, have become this new normal.

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This would seem to make sense, look at our summer: smoke from wildfires, drought, strong storms, flooding... It all seems to add up that if it's what we've almost become used to, we'd start to think it's simply normal. I'll add this point too, throw in the whole COVID crisis, and we're all kind of shell-shocked. It's easier to feel glum, or simply think the sky truly is falling.

Iowa isn't alone

Most of our neighbors have the same opinions on extreme weather. While the western states along the west coast, long stereotyped to be the more likely to believe in climate change, overwhelming think it's normal, Midwestern states are starting to agree. The Dakota's, Minnesota, and Nebraska all hover around the same 2 in 3 residents agreeing this is the new norm.

I guess we best grab an umbrella and soldier on.

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