A long-standing business in Iowa City is preparing to close its doors for good. And when we say long-standing, we mean it. Try over 100 years in business! But like many other stores, the changes the pandemic has brought to our society have simply been too much to overcome.

For over 100 years, people in Iowa City have been getting their clothes cleaned at Varisty Cleaners. But KCRG reports that will soon come to an end. Wednesday was the last day that clothes could be dropped off for cleaning. The day was not only tough on customers, but also on many of Varisty Cleaner's employees. Some have been working there for decades.

The owner of Varsity Cleaners, David Geasland, told KCRG that like many other businesses COVID was a killer. Geasland said that when no one was working, no one needed their clothes cleaned either. Plus, many employees are now working from home which has changed the work dress code forever. Dry cleaning and laundry businesses are projecting a 30% loss due to the ongoing pandemic.

Staffing shortages have also played a role. Geasland told KCRG that he has been working every day since the pandemic began to keep the business up and running. He said that he works seven days a week and doesn't make any money and "it gets to you after two years." In just a matter of weeks, Iowa City will be without Varsity Cleaners for the first time since 1915. What an amazing run. We wish it could have kept going.

The final day to pick up clothes is January 21st by 4 p.m.



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