In Iowa, we're proud of our farmers. Many people immigrated to the United States, Iowa specifically, with hopes of running a successful farming operation. While farming has ebbed and flowed with different economic times, weather issues, and of course, staffing and technology, one goal has remained for all Iowa farmers: hand over the land to the next in their family with the intent to keep the farm going for decades to come.

An important Iowa tradition returns


In 2021 after a tuff year of COVID-19, one major ceremony is set to return: Iowa’s Century Farm and Heritage Farm honors. These honors recognize Iowa farms that have had consecutive ownership within the same family for 100 years or more, and the farm must contain at least 40 acres of original Iowa farmland. For my family, this honor came to fruition about a decade ago when my wife's father was honored at the Iowa State Fair for what is now officially a century farm.

Century Farms will be honored in August at the Iowa State Fair

This year's Iowa State Fair is on after the 2020 edition was scrapped due to the global pandemic. Radio Iowa Reports the Century and Heritage Farm ceremony will be held at the historic livestock pavilion at the Iowa State Fair. This will be the 45th year of the Century Farm honors. This year's Iowa State Fair will run August 12-22in Des Moines.

More information about the Century And Heritage Farm program can be found here. In order to qualify, the current owner must be related to an individual who owned the land 100 or more years ago, and the application must then be notarized and postmarked this week.

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