The Powerball jackpot is getting up there again! The estimated jackpot for Wednesday's (Feb. 6th 2019) drawing is $204 million dollars.

Now, this is no where near a record high, but the cash option of $124,200,000 is not "chicken scratch"! By the way, the lottery's all-time record high jackpot of $1.6 BILLION dollars, has still gone un-claimed and the winner only has until April 21st to claim it! Just think how you would feel, if on April 22nd, you found that winning ticket in the pocket of an old coat you used to wear? To quote the great Homer Simpson, that would be the ultimate "DOH!"

Anyway, here's my list of things that I do would if I won the lottery...(even after taxes, there should be plenty of money left to:)

1. Pay off all of my, loans, make sure my children are "set" for life...(you know, all that responsible stuff)
2. Quit my job...with all due respect to my job, (which I love)...SEE YA!!! I wouldn't work another day in my life...
3. "Snowbird" - I would stay here in Iowa, with my family and friends...except, I'm outta here in Jan. & Feb. (find me in Arizona if you need me)
4. Travel - I would buy a giant R.V. and follow my beloved Hawkeyes and Packers everywhere...
5. Buy a local brewery - I would turn my love of a good craft beer, into an investment and a hobby.

Granted, this list would change greatly if the pay-out was a BILLION dollars as opposed to a mere couple hundred million...but we can only dream right?

What would YOU do if you hit the lottery? - I challenge my co-workers to post their lists of what they would do if they struck it rich!

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