There is such thing as too much of a good thing.

With how popular texting is, doesn't it feel like we've gone back in time? We've gone from sending each other messages to actually inventing a device to call and talk to a person instantly, BACK to sending each other messages.

I get the appeal of texting. You can send a quick message and don't have to see a person's reaction or you can just be doing other things, but text can actually be good for you. Researchers back in 2014 figured out why we are all so addicted to text messaging. Receiving a text message makes us feel so good that there is actually a dopamine release. Our body physically feels better when we get a random text message. Maybe that's one of the reasons I suffer from "phantom vibration syndrome".

But a Minnesota woman sent a Forrest City, Iowa man 696 text messages. That's crossing the line from a dopamine release to a cut and run situation. I have a problem with people that will rattle off like five or six texts in a row. It's like, "just send one long text!" Could you imagine getting 696 text messages? Could you imagine going back and COUNTING how many texts were sent? As much as I hate the thought of receiving that many texts, I would actually love to read what she had to say.

She was charged for sending those texts and has recently accepted a plea deal.

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