Tests show African Swine Fever in China is not linked animal feed, according to a Chinese pork firm. Reuters reports tests “failed to confirm” the presence of African Swine Fever in animal feeds. The test came after recent reports that suspected ASF was linked to animal feed produced by a Chinese company.

However, the company confirmed testing failed to show a link. Raw materials and finished products of animal feed were collected and tested last week. Still, contaminated feed is feared to be a contributor in China’s widespread outbreak of ASF, which reportedly has resulted in the deaths of 200,000 pigs since early August. China has previously blamed the outbreak on food scraps, often fed to backyard pigs.

Last month, China confirmed 62 percent of the first 21 outbreaks were related to the feeding of kitchen waste. Regulations require that kitchen waste is heated before being fed to pigs, but experts say that step is often skipped. The practice has since been banned.

Source;  NAFB News

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