I want to preface my story here with a simple disclaimer: it's my opinion. It's still right, but it's my opinion. Now, on to our eggsasperating story. Iowans are eating their eggs wrong. That is to say, more specifically, they're preparing them wrong. Before we get to the study and why (I think) it's wrong, a fact: Iowa is the egg production state in the U.S - this stat from the IDAG. Their findings show Iowa’s egg producers have nearly 60 million layers producing an estimated 16.5 billion eggs each year. That's a stat that's hard to beat. So, why do I think we eat our eggs wrong? Let's break the shell.

A study says Iowans like their eggs scrambled

The folks at Zippia did a study that found how each U.S. state likes to eat its eggs. The findings? Scrambled eggs took the spot in 18 states and sadly, that includes right here in Iowa. We're scrambled egg yolks. I mean, folks. So why is this wrong when, according to the study, so many states like 'em scrambled? Because that's how children eat eggs. It's a desecration of the true way we should enjoy eggs. Which is, in my opinion, over easy. Eight states agreed with me, PS.

Easy, it ain't over...

Why do I prefer eggs over easy? It's simple: the flavor. You get the runniness of the yolk, a textural putoff for some I realize, and the almost meltiness of the whites. Not to mention if you have toast, hash, or hashbrowns the runny yolk adds flavor and almost becomes a sauce. It's simply a taste sensation I cannot egg-nor. I'll stop, I'm sure these puns have you eggs-hausted. No, for real I'm done now.

I've shared my opinion though, I do love eggs no matter how they're prepared. Over easy is my fav., sunny side up is a favorite too. But to each their own. Eggs are egg-ceptional however you enjoy 'em. Oops, sorry...

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