A home built in 1900 in Pensacola, FL, features six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and Fred.

Fred is a ghost who allegedly resides in the home.

But who is Fred?

It’s simply the name given to the ghost by someone who owned the home in the 1970s. The apparition’s real origin story is likely to have been related to the original homeowner, Thomas Finch, who died during an epidemic of influenza in 1908. At least that’s the story the Pensacola Ghost Tour has been known to tell.

Previous homeowners have said that they once heard someone screaming at night, but everyone else in the house was asleep. Another said that he saw ‘dark figures’ on the porch. In another ‘ghostly’ incident, all of the cabinet doors in the kitchen have swung open and shut.

According to the listing on realtor.com, the Finch house has been recorded at the Library of Congress and has also been featured on the Pensacola Ghost Tours that occur around Halloween each year.

This home also has three separate kitchens spread out across nearly 6,000 square feet of living space.

'Fred's House

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