Halloween is right around the corner...Okay, so it is technically like over 2 months away but for those of you like me whom are Halloween fanatics and love to plan out your costume ahead of time, this may give you some ideas!

A new list has been put out through Romper of the 25 most popular Halloween costumes for 2020 and it comes with a few surprises. Gone are the days of a simple witch, mermaid, zombie and so on. In 2020, people are dressing more like the most popular pop culture trends of the year.... so you know you are going to be seeing a lot of Tiger King, Hamilton, Frozen and even superheroes!

Now I am not going to spell out all 25 popular costumes (you can look all those up here) but I will give you the top 10 Halloween costumes so far for 2020. These were actually broken up into specifics for men, women, children and even dogs but I have combined them for overall most popular.

1. Superheroes

2. Harley Quinn

3. Star Wars Characters

4. Disney Characters (especially frozen characters)

5. The Handmaid's Tale

6.Tiger King

7. Nostalgia (probably sports related since you know, COVID)

8. Political Figures

9. Harry Potter (this NEVER goes out of style)

10. Anyone from Hamilton (according to the original list)

Start thinking now about your costume, you only have 79 days and counting until Halloween!

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