Oh 2020... you've been something else. Many Iowans, like folks in other states across the U.S. and entire world, turned to booze to help cope. In fact, the Iowa Alcohol Beverage Division said in 2020 sales increased by about 8.2% over 2019's totals. This according to a report from KCCI. In the annual report, the IABD said overall liquor sales in Iowa totaled $367 million.

During the pandemic, Iowans have continued to turn to familiar liquors. In fact, for yet another year, Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey is our number one adult beverage of choice. This is as far from a surprise as you can get. In fact, way back in 1999, The Des Moines Register ran a story about the popularity the import whiskey has enjoyed in Iowa. That was last millennium!

Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, Hawkeye Vodka and the always popular Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey rounded out the top five on Iowa's favorite boozes for the year. For brands made closer to home, Blue Ox Vodka held onto its top spot. It was followed by Templeton Rye and Cedar Ridge Bourbon. However, it still wasn't even close. The Iowa Alcohol Beverage Division report shows Iowans purchased 402,541 gallons of Black Velvet compared to 289,097 gallons on our #2 pick, Tito's.

Of the $367 million we spend on hooch this year, according to The Courier, Black Hawk County residents were responsible for purchasing $20.1 million of that total. Polk County was at the top of Iowa's 99 counties with liquor sales totaling $84.8 million.

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