Roads are still closed following a train derailment that happened early Monday morning.

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At around 3:30 am Monday morning, a 44-car train was carrying mixed commodities and tank cars of asphalt traveling south over Otter Creek when it derailed, spilling the contents into the water below and piling up the train cars.

Hazmat and cleanup crews were on site cleaning the chemicals and the wreckage says the Hampton Chronicle this process could take “several weeks”.

The crash is currently under investigation and details are still pretty restricted. For safety reasons, the area is also pretty restricted due to the on-site equipment and the spilled chemicals.

What caused the crash?

The cause of the crash is currently under investigation and details regarding the derailment are still being withheld.

Union Pacific is working on how they will route around the derailment site. According to the Hampton Chronicle, they are working on the logistics around a reroute.

No one from the crew or the area was hurt in the accident. Officials say that the rail cars were mainly empty when the derailment happened.

Hazmat crews continue to clean the area. In a Facebook post from Franklin County Iowa Emergency Management, 190th street (C25) between Nettle Avenue and Olive Avenue North of Hampton will be closed for an undetermined amount of time.

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