Train enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates a quirky vacation rental will love this. The perfect fall getaway is just a short drive from the Quad Cities, in Decorah, Iowa. Take a look inside this adorable Airbnb caboose. I'll bet you've never stayed overnight in a caboose before.

This charming, two-bedroom caboose has been arranged for your comfort and pleasure. All the amenities you will find and need in a normal house setting will be available to you. If you like to cook, there is a fully equipped kitchen. 

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Watch the amazing sunset over the horse pasture while enjoying the cocktails you’ve made yourself. This unique experience will definitely make your vacation in Iowa a lot more interesting.

Iowa Train Caboose is the Perfect Fall Getaway

This old train caboose has been carefully restored and transformed into the perfect cozy getaway complete with a refrigerator, microwave, a double burner hot plate, dishes for cooking, barware for cocktails, and even the original conductor's chairs to watch the sunset over the horse pasture.
The owners have kept the original conductor's chairs and overhead handrails in their complete restoration...but the limited space of a train caboose, will only able to provide a 6 gallon hot water heater. So don't plan on using a lot of hot water.
Guests are welcome to pet the friendly horses across the fence as well as help yourselves to their raspberry bushes and apple tree...and of course share with the horses if you like. Here's where you can reserve your caboose stay. It's affordable too at just $124 per night.

There's plenty more to see and do in the small towns and countryside all just a short drive from Decorah.

The Perfect Weekend Getaway is Only 4 Hours from the Quad Cities

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