Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley predicted on Wednesday that more COVID-19 relief money will be on the way. But, he added, not until we figure out how well the first three phrases are working.

The Gazette reports that Democrats in the House have proposed a $3 trillion coronavirus relief package that provides another round of payments to citizens, $1 trillion to states and cities, and 'hazard pay' to essential workers. While more relief may be needed, Grassley, the Iowa Republican who also chairs the Senate Finance Committee, says its too soon to know how much is needed and where.

States and local governments have asked for help, Grassley confirms. The Gazette reports that Grassley and Congress would like to look at how to help with the loss of sales, fuel, and motel-hotel tax revenues. Grassley noted that it would be better until state and local governments have more data on how these revenue losses are affecting their budgets.

The Gazette reports that local governments are feeling the pinch. Cedar Rapids city council member Tyler Olson said earlier this month that the city expects a $45 million drop in revenue. The long term impacts of the pandemic aren't currently known. Senator Grassley says that Congress is willing to do more. He noted, "We hope that this CARES Act would be enough and that we didn't need to do more. But if we had to do more, we'd be right back here in June or July doing more."

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