The COVID-19 pandemic is not over, despite many businesses reopening. As we know from our calendars, the pandemic has caused many, dare I say most, summer events to be canceled. In some states, cases have begun to increase once again as people are moving on from social distancing. So will that cause Iowa's governor to mandate masks? No. According to KCRG, Governor Reynolds at a recent press conference if she would support giving different Iowa counties or cities the ability to mandate mask-wearing locally. She made it clear that she'd rather leave that up to us citizens and not have any mandates.

In many places throughout the U.S., masks are required. In fact, in California, they are required in almost every indoor venue and outdoors when distancing isn’t possible. Experts still say wearing masks or face shields is key to help avoid spreading COVID-19. From my experiences here in the Cedar Valley, it seems roughly half the people I encounter in public are wearing masks and hence, half are not wearing masks. What surprises me most is how many senior citizens do not wear one. Seniors are at a higher risk because of their age.

Governor Reynolds said in her Thursday press conference,

We're going to deal with data we have in Iowa. We're going to base our recommendations on what we're seeing happening on the ground.

I assume meaning she has left the door open to mandating masks down the road, if necessary.

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