Need A Job? Winery Will Pay You $100K To Live In Wine Country
Some of the perks of the job include living in a house on the Sonoma property rent free for one year, $10,000 dollars a month, and THIRTY cases of wine. Some of the other responsibilities that come with the job include hospitality, establishing contacts with some of the other employees, buyers, and customers, as well as promotion of the Murphy-Goode brand.
Man Sues ‘King’s Hawaiian Rolls’ Because They Aren’t Actually Made in Hawaii
Did you know that King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls are not actually made in Hawaii? You probably don’t really care -- as long as they continue to be delicious -- but they are actually baked in in Torrance, California. A man named Robert Galinsky certainly cares about this as he has filed a lawsuit against King’s Hawaiian Bakery because he says that he was duped into believing that they were actually ba
More Wildfire Smoke in Iowa This Week
As the wildfires continue to scorch the Western United States, the gigantic plumes of smoke are again traveling east. Almost all of Oregon is covered in thick layers of unhealthy smoke. On Sunday, the air quality index in Oregon approached “hazardous” across much of the state...
Wildfire Smoke to Impact Iowa This Weekend
In the Western United States, 86 large fires have burned nearly 900,000 acres, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. 15 states have reported large fires and at least 26 of these are in California, and they have charred over 300,000 acres in less than a week...

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