It’s no secret that Iowa is the leader in biofuel production. In 2022, the renewable fuels industry in Iowa accounted for $7.2 billion, or 3 percent of the state’s GOP.

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At the 2023 Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds shared her excitement about the industry’s growth, saying renewable fuels support tens of thousands of jobs in the state.

Our state's entire renewable fuels industry is absolutely in excellent hands. The talent and expertise of our biofuel producers are the engines of Iowa's reputation as a production powerhouse.

Iowa is the number one in biofuels and biodiesel production. This drives the demand for corn and soybeans which Iowa also stands as a leader. But Reynolds told the Summit attendees, there is more to these rankings.

These are much more than numbers or rankings they represent reliable wealth not paying careers. It represents affordable clean-burning fuel, and truly a difference between profit and loss for countless farm families.

Reynolds continues to be an advocate for renewable fuels in Iowa. She signed an E15 standard into law expanding the state’s biofuels reach and is also part of a group of governors pushing for year-round E15 access.

The biofuel law really positions Iowa to take full advantage of innovations for years to come. But above all, it continues to send an unmistakable message that the future of fuel is already growing here and it's growing in Iowa’s fields.

On top of support for renewable fuels, Reynolds has allocated $40 million to the Iowa State vet diagnostics lab, urged the Biden Administration to reconsider Waters of the US, and made investments into strengthening rural broadband.

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