An 11 year old girl has been referred to Juvenile Court Services, for sending threatening and violent text messages to a middle school student.

Shortly after 1:30pm Saturday (Feb. 1), the Denver Police Department received a report that a student at the Denver Community School District middle school had been receiving threatening text messages from an unknown person.

According to authorities, the threats were violent in nature, and claimed the threats could be carried out at the Denver Middle School the following week.
School officials and law enforcement worked together, and discovered the threats were not credible, and the school was never in any danger; Monday school activities carried on as normal.

An investigation by the Denver Police Department and Bremer County Sheriff revealed that the threat was sent through a TextNow application.

The suspect was identified as an 11 year old girl; her name is not being released. She is being charged with 1st Degree Harassment.

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